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Instructions On Getting ARC Camera Recognized

I have the ARC kit and have been testing it out (one bad servo) and have not been able to establish comm with the camera. The camera dongle is recognized by Windows 7 but there just is no video feed.

I have the latest version of ARC and updated the firmware.

Not asking anyone to tell me what my problem is. However, if anyone knows of a procedure for establishing contact with the camera which I can try it would be appreciated. I could not find a video instruction for this anywhere on the ex-robot website.



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I have ~50 robots with the EZ-Robot Camera with no problems. On occasion i see people having connectivity issues. Usually the issues are resolved with letting the camera power drain to dead, and try again. The good news is it is always resolved. The bad news is the interference in your surrounding area is the cuase. Once it is resolved, it'll work for ever.

In order for the camera and usb dongle to accept each other, sometimes outside interference causes bizarre situations. Because we are bleading edge technology for wireless connectivity of video and digital connectivity, there are unusual inteferences.:(


I guess a good start would be knowing what I can expect to see in ARC if the camera is working. If I go into Camera under AddControl, and the Camera and the dongle are synch'd up, should I expect to see a picture from the camera automatically or do I need to activate something?

I have plenty of devices that are operating at 2.4Ghz like the microwave, two wireless phone systems and Wifi so I'll look into the interference problem as well as trying to drain the camera completely.

All the drivers seem to have installed properly.



Well, I've tried multiple windows machines. I drained the battery several times. I even took a laptop out in the yard away from all 2.4GHz interference in the house and the unit still does not sync up. I think I am going to have to return it. Never had such a problem with a wireless camera before. Any last suggestions?


When I activate the debug window and then go into Add Control then Camera and select the wireless Camera, the debug window comes up with the following "Camera Initialized: Wireless PC Camera". The grid comes up on the Camera window but the camera image does not appear.

Is this telling me the EZB software recognizes the camera?

If I turn the camera off (the switch on the actual camera), nothing else comes up in the debug window.

If I unplug the USB transmitter, again, I receive not message in the debug window.


Hey Paul, have you had any luck?

One of the suggestions is to re-sync the camera. If you pry open the USB Dongle, you'll see a small button on the side.

  1. ensure camera is turned OFF
  2. ensure USB dongle is NOT in computer
  3. plug USB charger into camera
  4. turn camera on
  5. plug USB dongle into computer
  6. wait for computer to detect dongle
  7. press SYNC button on dongle

If the camera doesn't start working, then that's strange! Could be faulty - if so, send it to us and we'll send you a replacement:)


I will try this. I didn't want to just pry stuff apart if I was going to have send it back. I'd rather not return it if I don't have to. Do you have any idea if there is a way to change channels also?


Sure, you can send it back:)

It's not really prying . The USB dongle is clipped together . Use a small flathead screw driver and insert it along the crack - twist the screw driver so the plastic shell seperates. That will expose the circuit board, and you can press the sync button.

If you don't feel comfortable doing that, send it back:) - however, you are dealing with an electronic kit, so you'll eventually need to feel comfortable with circuit boards hehe



OK. Pulled out the USB PCB and did the testing you suggested, on various platforms, XP, 7, OS X with the ARC software as well as Skype and a couple of other webcam utilities I have and nothing.

Personally I think the camera is not working itself. The USB device responds to my pushing the reset button by the second LED blinking and then staying on solid (probably might want to put a pinhole in the case in future versions so one can reset it with a paperclip) and the OSes recognize it.

I'll pack it up and send it back (with the bad servo also) if you tell me where to send it.



Awesome! Great diagnosis. Use the Contact Us form and Amy will help you:)