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Resolved Resolved by Dave Schulpius!

Installing Ez Builder

Is it possible to download the EZ Builder on ubuntu? *confused*


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No. Only windows, IOS, Android
I've attempted using very advanced methods, to no avail, so no. Windows only. Or Bootcamp or similar emulator on MAC.
OK, that last suggestion had to be a late Saturday night "after the part" reply. :P
i can't stop laughing...

Juan is talking about this:

But your suggestion is still valid...

I'm going to be honest i tried wine software for a few times...

Trying to run a .NET application (EZ-Builder) which uses .NET 4.5 APIs plus other rich APIs e.g. Microsoft Speech, is a herculean effort, chasing all the dependencies and open issues ...

so i share Dave's opinion, start with a Glass of Wine than proceed to the full bottle, and keep going when you start seeing the light.... you done:)

Quick answer:
Unless you have nothing better to spend the time... I don't think Linux + Wine + ARC will work.

Check the .NET 4.5 framework support under wine here:

and if you really want to try...

"may the force be with you..." you will need it!
You can run a full windows install in Virtual Box under Linux. Of course, requires a Windows license, but robotics is not a poor man's hobby...

I used Wine in my attempt, and only had a problem trying to launch ARC after install. it stumped me so I stopped.
The more wine you use the less stumped you'll become. I think Yoda said that. :D
Thank you for the suggestions!
I got the credit. Thanks. The adult beverage must have done the trick. :D