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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Install Question

every time I try to install the new version app I get "problem parsing the package" message. I uninstalled older version first, which worked fine. my phone is an LG running android 4.0.3 (hand me down from daughter). any ideas please.


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Android is not a standard operating system - every phone is different. Some phones may experience strange behavior that is out of our control. This is one of those examples.
Maybe reinstall the previous version that worked?
Can you update the Android version on that device? What model is the phone?
LG P700 running android 4.0.3 software version V10k-DEC-12-2012. and says I've got the latest software version in current OS version.
if no fix could you point me at the last release from last year, that one did work on my phone
thank you DJ you are a scholar and a gentleman