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Install Gets A Parse Error

I'm trying to install the .apk android mobile app on a Droid 2.3.4 android OS phone. The minimum requirements states version 2.3 for the OS, so I think I should be ok for that. It downloads ok on the phone. When I install it I get a: Parse error "There is a problem parsing the package."

I searched the needs for possible fixes, nothing worked. A YouTube video suggested I install APK Manager which is a free app from Google Play, I did that and the EZ_Mobile.apk shows up in the APK Manager but it lists it as "corrupted".

Any suggestions?


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@justin did the second to last build work on your gingerbread phone? and when you tried to update to the new one you receive this erro?
@VGosine This is the first time I have tried. I never downloaded a previous version. Can you share the older one and I'll give it a try?
the minimum version for the ARC Android App is 4.0 (webpage updated)
Well Phooie! Thanks DJ. Do you recommend any specific android tablets that you know work will with the android mobile app?
Yeah, I use a real cheap tablet called E708 Q1 from ColorFly - I got them in china for $30