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Inmoov Top Stomach

I'm switching to @bhouston Articulating Stomach for InMoov: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1409964 and no longer need the old Top Stomach Assembly
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I'll be happy to ship it to someone for re-use for the cost of the shipping.


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I may be interested. Would you be OK to ship to Canada? I am using the bhouston Articulating Stomach now.

Hmm - Why are you switching back to the original? Bob's is far better (IMHO)
Sure I can ship to CA.
I'm really not switching back because I went with Bob's in the first place. I'm just curious. You can email me mr_r51@hotmail.com for an address and other info.

Thanks very much!
@Mayaway, Thanks. Got the part. Good job on the printing! Saves me a bunch of time.
Hey great! I'm glad you can get some use out of it.