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Inmoov Servos

I am moving away from MRL to EZB for my Inmoov. I have the entire robot wit all the arduinos etc working at a basic level. I seem to be constantly stuck with too many things with MRL. So I did get an EZB and have toyed with it with a couple of servos. I am really happy with the simpler interface etc.

Before I hook up any more servos,

Can someone please share a practical image/photo/schematic of how they have provided power to the ezb (via a battery) and separate power to the servos (via the same or alternate battery) to get a inmoov un-tethered from the wall ?

Thanks in advance.


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If you have the servos working off of MRL and an Arduino, the switch over to an EZB is very simple. You all ready probably have all of the servo power wires connected to a power and negative (ground) bus of some sort - leave that the way it is and supply 6 volt power to them from a battery. From the same battery supply the EZB with power to it's power leads. Make sure that you put a negative wire from the EZB to the negative power bus. Now connect all of the servos signal wires to the digital ports on the EZB. I've got an on/off switch between the power and the servos as well as one between the power and the EZB. Makes things easier to control. I hope that gets you going.