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Inmoov Robot Update (Hand)


Hand working with voice recognition. Using one EZ control just for arm movement for now.


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That is cool :-} That is the kind of hand I have been wanting to use on my robot, smaller version though. That is why I am using the Robosapien arms on my robot. But this video is very impressive for me to see :-}

Maybe you can adapt? I can take the arm off and still use the hand because I have a separate controller I use and will be using on the other arm also.
Yes perhaps I can adapt, I am just wanting to get my bot brought alive and up and running, I can always modify along the way :-} I just think it's cool and more human with hands and fingers, one of these days it will just be a common thing once it gets perfected :-} By then our world will be like Blade Runner :-}
That'll happen when EZ-Robot partners up with real doll:)
By the way, I think you have a very AWESOME bot, heavy artillery and very mean looking, I always say if you see it in a movie, it will soon be real, well you might actually be building the first terminator project. You are doing great work :-}
Way too kind brother. Thanks.
I'm just having fun:D Mankind is safe. For now.
Fully operational arm, hand, wrist, fingers, voice control, ahead.
Very over the top jackphillips1953. Nice! Looks very natural movements. I hope you'll share your project in the EZ Cloud so we can steal, errr.., look at your codes.
jackphillips1953 ,
Your Inmoov Robot Update (hand) is something many robot builders appreciate.
The Inmoov project is advanced. Thanks for sharing your many hours of work.
Steve S
Very AWESOME build, very advanced. I like seeing advanced builds like yours, gives some of us something to shoot for :-} Keep up the good work, I will be watching this build as it progresses :-}