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Inmoov Pots

I am looking for an alternative to the servos with the pots removed on the InMoov robot. I was wondering if a continuous servo could replace these considering the comprehensive control we now have using EZ Builder. I have removed a few of these pots but am still having issues with the shoulders operating reliably. I cant help but think there must be a simpler solution to this. Any advice welcome.


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Soo.....what about a continuous rotation servo? Sorry probably not very clear, I'm looking for an alternative to removing the pots from the servos and mounting them externally...
No - pots are always necessary to report the position of the output shaft of a servo. Without a pot, the motor would not know when to stop turning. You can find out more how a servo works (including continuous rotation) here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/48?courseId=6

As you will read from that important tutorial relevant to this discussion, a continuous rotation servo does not know its position and spins like a regular motor (i.e. Ceiling fan). If you use w continuous rotation servo for your robot, the joins will spin in circles like a helicopter.
Thanks for your reply DJ, i am currently looking into the possibility of using degree wheels and sensors (like the ones in your photocopier) and similar to a crank angle sensor on a car, simple and accurate. Appreciate your help.