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Inmoov Ezb4 Where To Start

Hello Inmmov Builders,

I'm new to EZrobot, I have just started my Inmoov project about a six weeks ago have the hand and forearm, bicep assembled and now working on the shoulder.

I purchased the nervo boards from the Inmoov website and have completed as well all the soldering. After playing around with MRL and reading multiple forums on how to get everything going, I said to myself there must be an easier way and I came across the EZrobot and the Inmoov bartender and I was blown away!

I haven't finished my courses yet on Ezrobot and I'm going to do several tonight to try understand the basics.

What I have read I will not need the nervo boards with EZb4's. I have purchased 2 EZb4's and a camera and 4 servo Power Board (unassembeld with pins and male servo leads).

Thank everyone that can help me or point me in the right direction, the EZrobot community looks like a great place to get help.




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First, welcome to the community.

You are doing the right thing with starting with the lessons. There is a ton of very useful information there.

Also, ask any specific questions here. There are not only quite a few InMoov builders, but also a lot of people who have become quite familiar with the EZ-B and ARC. You might be directed to a tutorial or lesson, but that is simply because the answer is already published there, or at least enough information to help you to understand better.


I find as I work my way through EZB'ing my inmoov the links in the program to help are really useful. Look for the question mark in the controls. They usually lead to some good tutorials.

You will be happy with EZB. You won't need the Nervo boards.