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Initial Feedback On The Iotiny

@DJ.... Received my iotiny's today and wanted to say they are simply awesome.... Another great innovation from ez robot.... And upgrading the firmware was absolutely seamless.... Can't believe you tucked all that tech in such a small package....

Can't wait for more products from ez robot....
***EDIT*** @Jeremie credit goes to you too...:)

Thanks for not forgetting about us DIY


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Thanks for your positive feedback @Richard:) It means a lot!
@Jeremie.... sorry dude, didn't mean to forget you.... awesome job on the tech man!:)
Lol I wasn't being sarcastic or anything. I lump myself in with any praise @DJ gets when it comes to product development as we always work closely together on new products. I'm just more of a behind the scenes guy;)
I'll second Richards comments. I put a Tiny in my robotic arm and it works great. I had a v4 in it before and it barely fit. The small size of the Tiny is perfect for the arm. I have 7 servos, a camera and a speaker attached to it.
I'm putting another ioTiny on a drone to run an EZ-Robot camera and then I can see that image on my iPhone. It's a really simple and cheaper setup than what the RC industry provides.
Nice job EZ-Robot!

Richard, we are looking forward to you releasing your case for the ioTiny.
@Bob.... You can download what I have so far... see here my ioTiny 3d case
Let me know how it fits... Tomorrow I will print one and try it out as well. If it needs any further tweaking I will do it sometime this coming weekend...