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Inertial Sensor?


I think I've got myself a little confused. Whats the difference between an accelerometer and an inertial sensor? Or are they the same thing?


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Hi Jaychadw,
At first I was thinking the same thing but an accelerometer is a type of inertial sensor. Apparently there are inertial gyroscope sensors as well. Here is a link that talks about the two. So you can get an Inertial Motion Unit (IMU) that has both in the same card.
United Kingdom
Thanks Troy. I've been reading through a number of different things and they are referred to as seemingly different things, yet read as being the same. *confused*

I'll have a read through that and see if it clears anything up
Hi Jay , what are you needing /using it for. If we know your idea for use we can be more helpful.
United Kingdom
I was wanting it to know the precise(ish) motion of the robot. I already have an accelerometer and that works ok. Although it seems to crash when it goes upside down.

I know that can be used to measure movement I just wanted to know if these were anything different of simply another name for it