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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Individual Tweet Elements From Twitter?

Hello Great Robo-Brains!

Got EZ-Robot responding to tweets, but I'd like to have it process tweets in a more granular way... hoping to pull @usernames and respond with a personalized tweet...the idea is to show my Tech Terror kids firstly how bots can be used to sway social media... and how cool it is for our JD's to respond to tweets...any ideas?



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Don't see anything in here that can help with this... can I access the tweet itself so I can process it myself?
That’s a neat idea. I’ll modify the plugin With your idea. Stay tuned:)
Brilliant! Thanks so much for making this happen so damn quickly...cheers!
Heads up!... Advanced Twitter working in Beta but throws this Exception error if you try it using the current release: User-inserted image