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Indispensible To Robotics. The Basic Multimeter

Hey guys... I wanted to post a quick 2 videos on how to use a basic multimeter... Some of you guys on here are not so comfortable with electronics so I am hoping my video will keep you from blowing up your shiny new Revolution robot or V4 board... For that matter any other electronic device as well... Just 2 quick videos... remember before hooking stuff up always check with the multimeter first if you're not sure...

One other thing I forgot to mention is you can also use your multimeter to check polarity as well... This makes sure you have the positive wire and negative wire in the right place.... This helps prevent the mysterious blue smoke that stops electronics from working anymore:)

Hope this helps a few people... sorry about any spelling... forgot to spell check...


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video's are great.i also now know what denvelopers mean whit magical smoke.

thanks RR
awesome I got to get one don't want to blow my board