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Import/ Export Utilities Troubleshoot

Dear EZ-Robot Friends :-)

I want to use the Import/ Export Utilities for the Auto-Position.
I use Windows 10, installed the newest Ez-Builder.

The problem:
I can produce an Export-File (Servo Profile Auto Position)
but If I import this Data, all is fully visible but nothing is working and there comes a error message:

Auto Position Thread Error: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: The index was outside the array range.
at EZ_B.AutoPosition.MoveImmediate (String frameGUID)
at EZ_B.AutoPosition.JaXJwXaL28 (Int32, Object)

I can see all the servo positions but no matter what I click, this error message comes up.

I hope someone can help me ?
@ DJ is this a bug?

same problem like this thread:



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Okay, with"Merge" it works..
but I dont understand for what is the Import/ Export ?
this Data is out of function, right ?
it just confuses me. :D