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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

If Detect Face Then Do Something


Using the scripts, what is the syntax for detecting a face. For example I want the code to do:

if (a face is detected)
// Do some code here

How is this possible?


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yeah that's real easy:)

You have a few ways of doing it... I would recommend using the "On Tracking Start" within the Camera Control

1) Load ARC

2) Press Project from the top menu

3) Press "Add Control"

4) Select "Camera" tab

5) Add "Camera Device"

6) Press the little silver gear in the Bottom Corner of the Camera Control

7) Now a config menu will load

8) Press "Scripts" tab in the config menu

9) Press the Pencil beside the "Tracking Start". Optionally, I recommend hovering over the "Question Mark" to read the details of that feature. There are hundreds of question marks around the software. Hover your mouse over them to read.


IF ($CameraTrackingType = "Face")
Say("I see you!")
say("I see a $CameraTrackingType")

Example project: Camera-ReactToSpecificTrackingType.EZB
PS, can you set this issue as resolved?:) Give me some cred! You'll be the first to try out the new posting assistance option
Ah sweet! A new forum feature to come!
Haha just noticed the options, thanks DJ!
I checked the forum as resolved by DJ, I am not sure if it worked.
Feroze, you need to select the persons' username who resolved the issue. Then write a short post saying thanks. You will see an error message in red letters that you can't miss if there is something not right.

the letters are really red. error messages are mostly always in red. You'll see the red errors beside the Reply and Cancel button.

Try again let's see if it works

Also, press the Question Mark for instructions and more details. There will be many more question marks around the website with more information to help.
Alright lets see if it works, I thought I did that... thanks!