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Ideas For Robots In Schools

I have been thinking about @DJ focus on schools and robots in education. The obvious benefit is kids learn about robotics but this is a change in curriculum for schools so is a hard sell. I was wondering if there is benefit in focusing on how robots can help with existing curriculum. The idea of JD as a teachers assistant I think would resonate well with schools.

Flash cards are used extensively in school to teach 5+7 3*8 and learning words with pictures (Dog, Watch etc). Reading flash cards through visual recognition (or checking answers, keeping score) would be a good use case. Although QR codes maybe a better way for computer to get 100% accuracy.

Face recognition for the kids with an individual dance (hand shake etc) they each make up would also be cool. I am sure you have seen the videos of teachers who have separate hand shake for each kid. (They can also take attendance).

Language Translation maybe another good use case. Speak in English it translates to French, German etc. Show a picture of an object and it says in different language.

What other use cases could we come up with for robots in schools?


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Given recent events, how about robotic security like they use at some malls now?


Japan is already using robots in classrooms to teach and entertain children of all ages. There is a great documentary on it. I will try to find it...


"Given recent events, how about robotic security like they use at some malls now?"

There was a funny horror movie in the 80's based on robotic mall security called "Chopping Mall" LOL!


I think it was one of these links...


Thanks Rob-bot. Looks like the focus was more on group presentations with robotics as the content presenter versus 1 on 1 interactive education. I assume this is because NAO is 10K and Pepper is 50K to purchase so having 1 robot per student is not feasable. For 60K they could have had 120 JD robots and someone would need to educate me on what capabilities NAO or Pepper have that JD doesn’t.

That said robot group lessons are certainly an interesting proposition. They could be delivered consistently in accordance with the curriculum. They could also be continually tweaked and improved upon. I think this is a really good use case.

I would have to imagine there is a body of research in this space. Maybe it is worthwhile doing a scan of peer reviewed papers to understand what work has already been undertaken to research this space.


Entire countries have performed educational requirement comparisons against all STEM products - and ezrobot has won every time. This is due to real-world application of the platform, accessibility of cloud machine learning services, the robot program, and the community (you).

These are great feedbacks - keep them coming!


My wife always purchased "Work books" for my kids to complete. They are painful and involve the children completing the work books and answering questions and then the parents marking them. I was not overly fond of it as it consumed a lot of time as it usually involved me helping them and marking the work. That second part could be handled by robots. Turn pages, read writing, check answers, help kids answering the questions...

I envision a knowledge pack idea may work. Perhaps it is a physical workbook and a program that accompanies it. Controls robot, reads text, teaches curriculum. Packs could be created by community members and sold via an online store similar to apple app store.

Music is another area I think robotics would be very useful. A robot can keep time, teach basic rhythm methods and we have all seen the robot bands.