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Idea Of Expandable Ez-B

i don't know where else to post this, but an ez-b with some expansion options might be usefull to some people i think, so i'm posting this here.

i'm currently having an idea of adding options adding to the ez-b for example: an usb power adapter for the camera, easy fan connector (with pwm option by one of the digital ports, ADC to read the RPM), a selectable psu option, so that users won't be limited by 'just' 5A max, and a low-power module to indicate battery level.

not to forget that an selectable option of wifi input is also much eppreciated since most people (including me) don't know how to connect a wifi module to the ez-b :$

here's an image of which component needs to be connected to what part in my opinion. corrections and improvements are welcome! :)

User-inserted image

note that this is just an sample image, it indicates what i mean ;)

edit: i just realized this is all possible with a slightly different wiring setup.. ^-^;


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Very cool. Like the idea. But dj is fairly with his revolution project which hosts the supposely new ez-mini. I best once that's all over he may start looking at new projects.

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Not to knock the idea but most of that is already very easily achievable, some have tutorials on here too, some are being discussed and worked on. Besides, half the fun is making the circuits :)

The one item with the biggest issue would be the 5A max limit, since the EZ-B is designed to accept a wide range of input voltages, so the regulators are required. But external power boards are an option and easy to make, which wouldn't go through the EZ-B and would remove the EZ-B's 5A limit (I've had to make a couple for Melvin).

If it's not something that DJ & the EZ-Robot team feel they can take on I'm sure we can come up with tutorials for every one of those ideas between us. :)