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Idea For The Ez-B Forums

When I come on the community I want to see what has happened since my last visit, and the "Recent Posts" section is great for that. But when there are many updates I may be missing some threads that I follow. So here's some ideas:

  • A recent-posts section in each category of the forum
  • Some kind of sorting within a category (where you can sort by last update)
  • Some icon-system in front of each thread which tells you if there are new updates since yout last visit
  • Optional e-mails when a update is detected in a thread you either choose to follow or have posted in

I understand you've got ALOT on your hands right now, but I still wanted to throw it out there if you some day get some time to do it.

I also want to offer my help with the site/forum if you want it, after all it's what I do all day long (programming/web developing etc)



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What I do, Henrik, is click on the recent posts and when i get to a subject, I go to the last page and start from the bottom and read up. This may sound silly. But, it works for me.

I wanted to ask you is that your real mustache? and do you wear that hat often? Or is it a costume for certain celebrations? It looks cool!


@MovieMaker - Ah, yeah. Kinda of what I do now aswell. But I just wanted to throw it out there in case the forum gets some updates or something:)

Haha no (sadly) it isnt, had it for a mexican party we had once, I like that picture hehe!:D


I ALSO like the picture, it is COOL!

You could've fooled me because I don't know what people look like in SWEDEN because I have never been there. Once, I saw an OLD picture of some Swedish Immigrants and they were all wearing wooden shoes.


Haha! Well, I can assure you, we dont walk around in wooden shoes (clogs I think its called?), oh wait, some of us do, mostly farmers:D We're quite normal I think. From what I've heard from other friends that are not from sweden we seem to be recognized as the country with beautiful ladies, but I dont know if they're more beautiful than others:)

Got a bit offtopic, eh?;)


A my topics section might be nice. I visited a site where you could click on my topics and it would link ones you own/posted on.

Henrik I don't know if it's a setting or not but everything I have commented on when there is an update it emails me. I think it's great to keep in the conversation.

However, I would like a new topics update. I agree the side bar is great for seeing recent activity but I have noticed that new topics that may not have had much activity yet will get pushed out from more recent updates on others.

But besides the awesome product the community is one of my favorite parts. :o) Everyone here is great and we love seeing you around DJ.


@sfoy - Yeah, I agree! I gotta find that email setting:)


Henrik I found it. In upper right corner says order, setting, logout, click settings. It's a box under there.


@sfoy - Ah, cheers! Hopefully it will be easier to see updates now:)


Just checked my settings and noticed that I have selected that I wanted emails already, checked my mail and saw that all the mails were caught in the spam filter... duuhh eyeroll


Yeah that happens sometimes.... depending on the email program I am sure you can unmark as spam. Then you'll be OCD like I am.