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IP Cam'S

Hello, I have a ip cam that i would like to use! i load the camera app and set it to IP cam, but it only shows the default How do i change this address to the IP of my camera? I do not see any thing in the FAQ's or else were.

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I think you should contact the manufacturer of your IP cam :)


the thing is that ip cam works , I am connected to it with the software that came with the device. the device has an IP. The thing is I do not see a way to put in the IP address of the cam in to the camera mod of the EZ-B software? Am I missing something?


I don't know what your camera setup is like. You'd need a local driver that connects to the camera's ip address and creates a video capture device. The ARC software can't support IP Cameras natively because there are thousands of different versions/models/makes and each is different.

You'd have to find out if your camera supports a localized video capture device driver. If it doesn't, there is a discussion of supporting an mpeg/jpeg stream in the future. That won't be very soon though. There are other items ahead of that (kinect, wii, 2d mapper, etc).

If you post more info about your camera, maybe someone on the forum has experience with it to help you out. I can try the best I can too :)


I've been chasing the same thing in regards to IP cameras.

I'm trying to find a way to use the Foscam F1890W, Foscam F18904W, or a D-Link DCS-920 with the ARC software.

Not finding any info as to whether any of these can use a localized video capture device driver and/or where to find it if they do.

Here's a link to Foscam's site -

Here's a link to the D-Link Camera -

So far I haven't had any luck and am hoping maybe someone on the forum knows more than I do regarding these.

Any help or info as to whether these can actually be connected as a local video capture device would greatly be appreciated.


I wish i could help you out on what IP cameras have a local capture device.

An option I can consider is creating a version that requests JPG's from the remote camera? Or one that can query the jpeg/mp4 stream.

If there is enough demand, I will consider writing an add-on for that


Not a problem.

I wasn't having much luck and figured I'd post to this thread to see if I was maybe missing something obvious.

An add-on would be great!

If it helps, I normally connect other software to the Foscam camera's video stream by using the following command:


Other commands for these cameras can be found here:

Thanks for the quick response to my inquiry. This forum is awesome!

----- Brandon


No problem Brandon:) I'm glad we can help!

I'll take a peek at the commands for the camera and see what I can do. I have a linksys IP camera lying around somewhere to test with. I'm sure the mp4/jpeg streams similar.


Do you think these pin hole cams will work due to its small lens? spy cam Yes I realize there isnt a receiver with this listing but I assume there is a standard one I could get.


naz, google search what is my ip then it will tell you your ip address then you have to find which port your ip camera is using look in your wireless router settings you probably have to configure it etc etc your ip will look something like but the link to your ip cam will look something like this

also you will need to know if you have a static ip address, call your internet provider.