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I2cwrite Command For Blinkm

I hope someone can help me with this. I've been tinkering with my MinM light and Im trying to adjust the playback of the built in light script to a shorter time loop. On page 22 of the blinkM datasheet it says to send command 't', (-128 to 128).
My command on EZscript would be i2cwrite (0x12,'t', -100) to shorten time. However a negative number isnt recognized as valid. Have I skipped over some important step so that this is a valid arguement?


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0 would be 128, a negative number would be 128 - 100

8 bits only allows for 256 possible positions (0-255). So if the datasheet mentions a number between -128 and 128, then they mean that 0 would equal 128

-128 = 0
0 = 128
128 = 255

Ah!! Thank you DJ! I new I was missing something.