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I2c And The Mini 8X8 Leds

The Adafruit mini 8x8 LED displays arrived and I wired three of them up with assigned addresses of 0x70, 0x71, and 0x72. I could only get the first address to work. As soon as additional 8x8 units were plugged into the I2C buss connector locations on the EZB(4) and the address accessed, the small red led on the EZB(4) would turn on steady instead of flash like it should when commands are being sent using the new I2C 8x8 tool. Once the small red led turns on steady no I2C commands work.

Some additional procedures would be nice so that connecting to the I2C interface could be accomplished in the proper steps without introducing errors onto the buss.


Discovered that you only need a single instance for the 8x8 Animator. The second screen allows you to insert the address of the 8x8 module you want to send commands to. In other words you don't need multiple 8x8 animator controls for each address on the I2C buss.

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You'll need a 4 pin JST and or adapter cable like the one used for the Array in JD's eyes... The pin outs are here in the ezb datasheet... EZB4 Data sheet

LOL you beat me to it @Doc...

It's only 4 wires @Anthony so it's pretty strightforward
You can take the 18 RGB LED Block out of the case:D

Jeremie is designing a 8x8 with RGB's. It will blow the Adafruit one away.
@DJ Sures you mentioned Jeremie is designing an RGB 8x8 have you got an E.T.A. for it and will it have a case just asking because I don't need a case.