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I Would Like To Learn How To Program

I would like to request Examples of using Functions like:

goto, return, if, calling subroutines and then returning to that spot. (things like that.)

it would be very helpful to me.

My humble thanks in advance.



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Functions in the ARC dev. suite or in a different environment like VB or C# ?
No humble thanks required, it's a pleasure to help someone overhere.

The Functions I mentioned above. C# or EZB.
You guys just said ask. Well, I asked.
I'm working on similar functions like that at the moment. However it's in VB. I guess
they can easily be transformed into C# afterwards. So, I hope to get back to you within
a short while (most likely by the end of September) with, hopefully, some (nice) examples.
If you share the vb ones, EZB will accept that, I think.
another day has passed. it has been 5 days since I first posted this. Bump!
I would start by picking up a book: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/C_Sharp_Programming

You can obtain the Visual Studio Trial or Free version by using Google, i don't have the link handy.

Then you can download the EZ-SDK and look through the examples. There are a ridiculous number of examples for everything from speech to servos to camera and more.

For EZ-Script examples, look at the Examples within the ARC->File->Examples folder. Many of the robots and examples are using EZ-Script. You can click on the CONFIG button within each SCRIPT of each ROBOT and see what scripts are there.

Look in the EZ-Cloud page here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/EZCloud and load projects that contain scripts. Look at the scripts and you'll get ideas about them, or post and ask people what they do.

General Understanding of IF/GOTO/ETC
Check your local library, college, community centre, or night courses to see if there are any affordable/free introductory programming courses.
Thanks for the reply , D.J.

I wanted to understand how to use the if/goto/etc in ezb.
Look in the EZ-Cloud page here http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/EZCloud and load projects that contain scripts. Look at the scripts and you'll get ideas about them, or post and ask people what they do

Look in the File->Examples for Robot - Head

Also on the right of every script entry form is a long list of commands and their syntax. Each command has an example displayed.

For further examples, look at the File->Examples in ARC or the link above for the EZ-Cloud.
DJ, you would have seen my 2 posts about the EZ-Cloud. There are loads of stuff for extraction but most of us are looking for examples of how to string scripts and commands together to achieve a certain action or effect in a robot. Going through other robot VBs can be confusing and not many of us remember to put in a notepad to explain what links up to what.

Is it too much to ask to examples like Robosapien has for its programming.

Robot wakes up at a set time and give a weather report.The following scripts and commands required are example (# ........) Hardware components needed (trigger sound card, speaker) etc.

Robot motors around room freely and will stop to pick up red socks with claw. The following scripts and commands required are example (#........) Hardware components needed (claw, 2 X claw servos, camera, 2 X wheels and wheel servos).

I'm not into marketing anymore but mate, if you followed something like I've explained here, your business would be rockin with people wanting parts to get their scripts and commands going - to have there robots doing cool things. You have all the recipes - we can see them in the descriptions you prescribe but we need to understand them and then have the fun of applying them. Your Robot software is simple, elegant and is the way to go (much like how windows gui replaced dos) - so why not share it in a way people can understand the full potential. You like doing video examples, how about linking them into the cloud to help us.

Thanks, D.J.

That is a whole new section that I have not seen.

We appreciate it.
On the top menu is a link titled Robots. Within there, all the robots i've build are listed along the left side. Within each robot profile are the items used. The project files for each are located within ARC.

For examples on script syntax, locate Examples under the File menu option within ARC. Or, optionally browse the EZ-Cloud for scripts that others have created.

If you'd like to learn how to program, look into a night class within your community. There will be plenty of options for introductory programming courses.

As for this community, everyone is willing to help answer questions:) Everyone works together to build robots and answer scripting questions:)

Outside of physically building the robot for you, EZ-Robot does everything else and provides a fantastic easy interface for beginner and advanced users. Follow the tutorials and you'll grow over time and expirementing.

I do everything I can to provide answers and solutions. We work 12 hour days building the company, products, software and features:)
I have just seen that section. DJ, I've never seen it before but it's getting towards the kind of database I've been looking for to get Bob happening more from the VB.

Is there a link from ARC to this ? It would be handy.
There is Hazbot. It is OPEN from the cloud in the files menu.
Yes they are in there Moviemaker but not in the format that DJ gave in link

I like this format because it is intuitive. Unfortunately it's full of my own examples - I was hoping there would be some new ones I could try out.
DJ, I know you work long hours, so do I, I'm not critical of you or demanding you wiz up something like Lego Nxt-G to explain things - or make our robots - but more stuff in that database link would be great help. The format is there we just need more examples.

12 hours working days DJ ! That's the spirit. It's the only way to get things done...
I'm sure everyone overhere admires you and appreciate your contributions and commitment to this forum. Keep up the good work !

Thanks:) we do work hard at this.

For examples of other peoples robots who share their files publically, click the EZ-Cloud link from the above menu tab. For examples from ez-robot, use the file->examples menu option within ARC.