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I Need More Key Control

The Key control has not enough buttons.

I need support for the Numpad, for the numbers and the complete Keybord. With the current possible letters, I do not have enough options to control my robot. Can you add that?

Or cann you Add a option for pressing Shift or Alt Button?

Currently not supported buttons I need. ü + ö ä # , . -

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 ß

Numpad / * - 7 8 9 4 5 6 1 2 3 0 ,

Actually we have only standart Letter a-z.


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If DJ doesn't add this, or takes longer than you need, take another look at the MyRoli-mkii project. I use variables in a lot of my scriots and a couple of keys to change those variables so that I can use the same keys for different purposes.

For instance, "n" sets the arm variable to frint, and "u" swts it ti rear. Than all of thr arm movement scripts act in the arm selected. You could also set just one key to toggle a variable between two choices.



I have this tested and i have make scripts for my mobilephone for use many servos in one script.

But this is not this, what i search for my project for using my robot with Laptop.

I need 30 keys for 15 Servos and 8 keys for scanner, animations, lights and other stuff.



I couldn't resist i read the title "I need more ..."

i remembered a funny SNL sketch: "I gotta have more cowbell!"

Sorry to hijack your thread :)


Hehe. :D

Back to topic. Honestly. I have a robot with many functions, But not a good way to control it effectively.

I need to program the robot, Which I can instruct the user in 30 minutes. Keys on a special laptop are replaced in color.

Using the Shift key, Alt key or the control key would make it much easier to solve all problems.

A use over Android is more toys and not planned.


The keyboard values supported in the keyboard input control are common for all keyboard. Special language keyboard characters will not be added.


Shift Alt and ctrl gives in all keybords.

So we can Add all keys with pressing from Shift Alt or Ctrl.

So you can have 26 standartkeys, 26 keys with shift, 26 keys with alt and 26 keys with ctrl.

This would be a great expansion with minimal deployment.

I believe at least. I do not know how far the intervention is in the surcecode of the software. Because of the modular construction I think however this would be no problem. ARC is unfortunately not OpenSurce.

I have a few students who would like to work on the software.


This is the kind of thing a plugin would work well for. If you have students willing to code, that would be a great excercise.



ARC master application is not open source, but the plugin framework is. You can create a plugin for ARC, which is 100% of what you're asking for with reference to open source. Visit the plugin section and there is a great tutorial resource to assist.


Thanks Sounds good.

Thats more as i need.

:P ;)


Excellent - let me know if you have any questions with a plugin.