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Asked — Edited

I Just Made A Ez Robot Club In Yahoo

and anyone can join including RICH for his ideas and inputs
hopping by making this club a lot of other will join and buy this great great EZB
can post ideas ,photos ,links and files to help others


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Isn't that what we are already doing here ? At least while here we are on the same website that has the tutorials, ez-chat, ez-cloud, store and everyone's projects. Not to mention it's a moderated to keep it from getting too crazy. I've never used yahoo groups so I don't see where there is value added.
Just my thought.
ONE main item it promotes more sales,almost every type of processor or robots or clubs are on yahoo groups,so have well over 3000 members i have seen,its like a WIKI SITE someone bought up before
has places for photos,files and lot more
United Kingdom
As Troy said, it's all here. And I for one feel I need to know there is decent forum moderation (it's what's made me clean up a lot of my posts (believe it or not) while having the confidence in knowing that despite opinion posts remain unchanged and undeleted).

Too often things get political which isn't good for any community. This community here is how it should be.

There is a Facebook group and hundreds of youtube videos, all of which DJ has said that no support is given on those platforms, only on here.

The Wiki that has been mentioned is purely information, no discussion, much like the tutorials on here.

Nice idea but I for one will remain only on these forums for the reasons above.
its only a added item,it not for others to leave the forum,
Also thing in this forum does get removed or deleted by DJ
If you look almost every type of robot board has a yahoo club,arduino,lego mindstorm,vex robotics and many more
I belong to one of the biggest robot clubs called seattle robotics ,where they have a meeting once a month to talk about robots all types and every type of microcontroller,

I think they have well over 4000 members and they get together almost like a family and talk about robots
and many other clubs i am in,plus the list of robot yahoo group clubs there so many so hard to count

W with a yahoo group you are you sharing you designs to almost the whole world
not like in a forum where may be a couple hundred will see it
then at the same time others come to the forum for the design to build it
i guess you may be missing the point

Its not really about posting your design and files,mostly a finished photo of you design
so the whole world can see it and go to the EZB forum to make the design
Personally. I like this place just fine. I could rebut each of your points but to put it simply I like this community.
I'm not saying it's bad. I'm just saying it's not for me. I've seen how some of those boards get.
ITS new idea and will take time for it to grow in to a big club
Just like EZ-Robot Community.;)
yes and from my idea ,EZ-ROBOT will get a lot bigger faster,its open to the public only i dont let spammers in,this club can get spammers because alot of us use our email in the forum
in a group club it can be controlled

TROY hows you new years and christmas,mine was the best ever i had.(mostly my design i sold )
may get better if i win the bid on my house,if i lose it there are many others
Best of luck to you and your yahoo group. Its 930pm here and I have work tomorrow. Night.