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I Just Got In My Epoc Eeg Headset In

this might be the future of robotics to control your robot moving and more just by thinking
best way to describe is ,the sensors pickup brainwaves from your thoughts and convert to software,by using the software you can control robots,games and more
the software to control most wowwee robots .plus ROVIO ROBOT and alot more are added it ,
hopping DJ will have a interface up soon ,since is much better VUZIX heaset with mostly video and costing about the same, it cost $350 with shipping
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also forgot its bluetooth wireless and will post site on the software


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Wow cool stuff! This is a break through, although i would like to be able to control another human who is wearing the same headset but i'd settle for robot controlling:)
i guess the next step is to read others thoughts with the headset,there is a another about the same for $200 plus shipping,i have plans to buy it too ,called MINDSET headtset and some made open source software to control robots too

mindset eeg headset $200
looks neat. i don't know what model or make it is - if you provide that information i can look into a control for it.
@bravia i saw that lInk also while back
there are 2 types neurosky and epoc ,also neurosky is $200 plus shipping and epco $300 plus shipping
EPOC is much better ,more sensors feedback

@DJ EPOC only one model


ALSO ON THE NEUROSKY you need to buy the model with the developer software witch is more money
@Robotmaker wl watch with interest how you progress
yes the EPOC Headset looks very impressive lots of sensors
Thanks again .Will park my brain waves for now its bedtime, but you work away *cool*
here is info on the supported robots using robodance 5,i paid $25 ,so i thing it might be a little more
because i paid for it before it came out,i think robodance 4 is free
besides the robots it controls there is more info on it


i will find link on the other robot controlling software for NEUROSKY headset

its called robotvision toolkit

robot controlling software for mindset headset