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Asked — Edited

I Hereby Dub The The Fish Bowl, Or The People Aquarium

User-inserted image

Speaking of the glass conference room that is...

I personally always liked The People Aquarium...

Anyway, thank you for having Nick and I up. It was a pleasure meeting all of you. Thank you for your hospitality and the time that all of you took to make us feel welcome.

The new office looks great and I commend you guys on where you have made it to and to the very bright future ahead for all of you.

Thanks again and cheers!

David and Nick


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Thanks for the visit - it's awesome meeting people from the forum in person. Glad to hear we lived up to expectation (i hope):D

PS - i'm still full from that steak... don't know how you two finished yours!
The steaks were good for sure. We do eat a lot in our country for sure.

Thank you for spending time answering the questions Nick and I had. You have a great team. I enjoyed meeting all of them.

Have fun at your cabin and thank you for taking the time to meet with us.