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I Have Ye To Get My Stuff

i have ye to get my stuff i orderd it like 3 weeks a go whats going on can sum one help

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i put in my traking number in and it sed ........No Results found...... 0.o ........sum help plz


Hi, welcome to the group. There was a Chinese Holiday that made the deliveries a little behind schedule. I don't know which one, possible the Chinese New Year. But, at any rate, you should have your shipment soon, I hope. It is always worth the wait. But, I am like you, I hate to wait.

My advice is to read all of the Tutorials and look at all of the videos and examples. By that time, you might get your package in.

Good Luck!



MovieMaker is right on the money. Also dig a little into the forums too. There are quite a few creative posts tucked away within thread. Some electrical, some great ideas and some great modding/hacking tips on toys. Welcome and soon you will be enjoying all that is EZ-B!


hay thanks for the info this is just my frst pes i got it all pland out its gun be sumthing like haff omnibot 2000 haff j5... i have no omnibot 2000 so just using the iders frum it. it was a pane in the but finding a good tank for the feet but got one frum a Chinese wed