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I Got My New No Melt Plastic Cutting Blade In

And it does a very very good job of cutting plastics with no edges melting and i tried with thick big sheets and few types of plastics and all cut perfect

Very little filing needed

I know you can cut at slow speed it does help, but nothing like a NO-MELT blade made for cutting plastics,slow cutting takes much time ,and using a wetsaw with a special 4 inch blade is messy and cost a lot more

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Deets man. Cist, where did you get it. Pic maybe...

Killing me smalls.


Oh word. That's a big boy toy. For aome reason I was thinking a hand held.knife that heated up or something ...but still good times.


yes ,but not NO-MELT type ,its made for cutting plastic,and dremel also has a kit with plastic blades and metal blades So if you use the dremel with these blades use you dremal slow and short cuts so blade wont get hot. What i do is cut a little stop and wait for my blade to cool off then cut again,then you get fairly smooth cuts.

With a NO-MELT blade you dont need to do it.

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I just let it melt, it's not like it makes a strong plastic weld when it melts back together, it just means a little cleaning up afterwards.

@Hoolagen if you want a small, heated knife style cutter (although I can't see how that would be no melt being heated but nevermind) look up the pen torch knife mod, I forget the proper name of it but basically it uses disposable blades on the end of a gas powered soldering iron... handy for some things but not recommended for delicate work in close proximity to other plastics (like the inside of a robot).


yes i know about the heated knife blade made for mostly welding When using another type of plastic cutting blade you need to clean up and file,

But RICH if you like to do its fine,i like i dont have to file or sand and i get it done faster

I think others might like to not filing or sanding too

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I know. My post was for Hoolagen


So was mine about the heated knife is mostly for welding ,anytime a blade gets hot it will melt plastic and KNIFE bad more because of very slow cutting,not like a circual saw blade the spins With a knife blade plus gas powered pen torch it will be a lot more then a dremel blade or circual saw blade at $28,85 free shipping most guys here have a circual saw,but not all have a table saw for a bigger blade

I use both to get my cutting done very fast to have more time on my robot building

DREMEL with a plastic cutting blade great for cutting plastics in robots or ,ilike better is my ROTOZIP

For fingers and scrooling cut I love my rockwell BLADE RUNNER and cuts perfect circles with a add -on


I have been dealing with and using plastics for about 19 years at my company i work for,and designing plastic cutting machines for plastics,mostly design forming machines and plastic cutting CHILLERS

SO i know most then others about using all types of plastics and cutting and welding tools

last big machine i made was using 1 inch thick plexiglass for a tank like fixture that was vacuum sealed proof,need to pull a vacuum on a special sensor,after glueing the walls i had to weld a steel frame around the corners and top and bottom and make special vacuum dual door,one you open put sensor in and close and seal it and then with very special gloves open up the other door and test it,without losing a vacuum