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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

I Get S Sadface Error When Clicking A Link To The Ez Robot Sight

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Ok so I get this the last couple days if I click the link in a forum notification. When I just type it into a browser or click the thread link from my saved favorites it doesn't happen. Weird. Just letting someone know.


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Sorry the title has bad grammar my phone changed it to what it thought it should be , get. Anyone know how to reset the spell correction vocabulary?
I checked with a Android browser and a chrome browser both end up giving me the error
Funny that, I was getting something similiar recently Josh .intermitten ( on various web sites )
Then chrome crashed with a full fatal blue screen ,tried re loading no success

Installed netscape that works ok
Hmm , weird. It only happens with links sent to me in the email.
United Kingdom
has been working fine for me with links from emails, bookmarks, manually typed in urls... Most likely to be a problem with the phone not the site.