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I Am Making Controlled Leopard Gecko Cage Using Ezb

Mostly to monitor 5 temperatures in 2 different aquarium tanks one 40 gallon and one 20 gallon ,plus one for my incubator,plus humidity in both tanks,plus lighting and webcam control on the mating ,need temp on hot side and warm side,plus mat heater control on all of them,plus adding a rain forest effect with water from a pump and waterfall
,when i put them together jake and neytiri and i have another female too
i have to wait to year old witch is jan 3 to mate them too
they will be mated on feb14 valentines day ,my girlfriend holding neytiri and i am holding jake and placing them in the large tank,jake does special dance for her if she likes it,he gets to give her a light bite on her neck and mating starts
my incubator design i made needs the temperature just right to give all female eggs
and looking also to put another camera on the eggs to watch them hatch ,biggest item looking forward to see
will post photos up soon


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now that will be awesome! You will be able to monitor the temperature from anywhere in the world using the HTTP Server and your phone. you will be able to connect your robot to monitor the tank too - by using the ARC client/server model as discussed in another thread:)

That will be real neat!
yes thats my idea,i go on a lot long trips and very important to monitor them,hope to get it up very fast,i just got in 5 EZB,S and looking to get 5 more
hope to get most done before FEB14 ,but still have 3 more months or more for the babies to be born
also doig the same for my long tail LEMUR getting in soon ,it about $200 total for special cage i need to make first (next week) and place i am getting one is out of stock on females
i am a major animal lover of all types,one of the big reason for my trips to see ZOO'S
this is what i use to monitor snake cage and hottub(it is out side don't want to freeze)if something goes wrong it will text me and monitor right from phone
That board looks good,and low cost
i have a hotub ,but i use X10 modules to control it
I just got this in and should be easy to add to EZB for my GECKO cage
HS1101 Sensor Module ,this module does humidity and temperature for the hot side of the tank
low side only needs a temperature probe

User-inserted image

HS1101 temperature and humidity module
I use x10with it workes great, I might use on robot to charge lipo batteries
how did you do it ,it needs a special interface for ac lines plus software
it is built in
check out the manual
you will like it and it can control solid state relays
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

@robotmaker can you take a look at

this link and see what i might be doing wrong,thanks