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Http Server Assistance Requested

Hello fellow forum readers, I have need for some (hopefully) simple assistance with some HTTP Server issues I have been experiencing. I have mentioned this issue to DJ, but as he has not been able to duplicate it and understandably has a huge list of to-do's to work on ahead of my little mystery:) I am looking for fellow forum user assistance.

Despite scouring the forums I haven't, yet, found any one else's documented use of the HTTP Server in any projects.

Basically my issue is that while I can set up HTTP Server and successfully connect to EZ-Builder, I can only click on anything once then all input is "locked out"? until I refresh the controlling browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome). thus it becomes a process of click, refresh click, refresh... and so on. All visual feedback (Camera, ADC display, etc.) from the host continues unabated throughout this process.

I have three computers in my motorhome and one in another city, plus I have access to a few at work... I have tested every combination of PC-PC within four different local networks and across the internet. The exact same issue every single time! (about the only common factor is they are all running some version of Windows 7, except one which is Windows 8). I have even tried controlling via an Android phone; it has a similar issue except it says "network error" with an OK button, that when clicked releases control for one more "click". I do NOT have access to any tablets or touch capable screens:(

There are also a few other HTTP Server related issues that I think may prevent me from using it anyhow but I can't test them or find workarounds until I can at least functionally use it tired

FYI, I am not just nit-picking at something (I hope :P)... I have a longish term project that has been banging around in my head for years... I want to make a functional telepresence type robot with usable remote manipulator capability and hope that HTTP Server might be one way of controlling it because the video stream is so smooth compared to other remote control programs I have tried. (hard to DO what you can't clearly SEE :))

Now to wrap up before Josh falls asleep reading this:D here is the clincher for me... I found an older copy of EZ-Builder, ver. 2012-08-21, and HTTP Server WORKS GREAT on it. So something changed somewhere (I have only started using HTTP Server on the last 3-4 versions) but I need to know if it is an issue others can duplicate or have I got something else common in the mix (besides me :))

If there is someone else out there that can set up HTTP Server between a couple of their PCs (with latest ARC and NO touch screens) and let me know the results... and/or perhaps someone willing to work with me on cross controlling mine and theirs, then perhaps I can determine if I am doing something wrong or not. If it is an actual confirmed issue, then I can patiently wait for a fix and/or move on fully to the other alternatives that I am also testing. If it turns out to be me, then I may have to stick with simple line following robots:P



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Thank you @DJ, your tweaking worked!

The video refresh rate and overall feedback to the remote is notably slower, but seems workable... However, (with sheepish look and some reluctance he asks...) since HTTP Server does not appear to support click and drag, how do I remotely control the new servo panels? (or adjust other panel positions). Nor does it seem to pass keystrokes through.

I fully understand if I am now off your Christmas card list:P Please believe me... I try to only bring up issues that I can't ignore, work around, or by doing so would hopefully help others. My tenacity has been my best strength as a diagnostic technician, a pleasure to my clients and a pain to "quantitative over qualitative" bureaucratic oversight:P


Have you used the new release?


Just noticed 11.05 this evening when I was testing out a new Bluetooth adapter... Downloading and installing it on my PCs now. I'll try out the HTTP Server as soon as I have time and let you know. Thanks:)


@DJ, OK, I tested it out quickly... the quality adjustment works better and the drop menus are appreciated... I still liked the simple economy of mouse movement on the original slider, but do acknowledge the higher precision of the new one:P

One more point for your list:) Much earlier I noticed a remaining glitch in the cameras Hide Settings feature that I never brought up because I could easily work around it... but the nature of the HTTP Server prevents that workaround:

When running a small enough video window as required on my net-book, clicking off the hide settings increases the windows size to the right (perfectly understandable). User-inserted image User-inserted image However, clicking back to hidden settings does not return the window to previous size. User-inserted image Normally I would just drag it back to size... obviously not possible when using the remote end.

And finally:P when going full screen in the video window, the upper right buttons to return back to normal view are not accessible on the remote end. Thus the remote is stuck in full screen.

While I did tinker with programming way back when my options where BASIC or Assembly, I am not even a novice now:) But I think I see, conceptually, how HTTP Server works and was wondering if instead of what appears to be a fast screenshot one way and a cursor coordinate feedback the other way. Could you not link two (or more) running versions of ARC together over a network link, one as Master and the other as a Slave, picking up data from the Master instead of from the local input over the Bluetooth? Similar I think to how some multiplayer games do? I suspect the video stream would be have to be handled differently though?

Anyhow, just an outsider observation:D Thanks for your fixes.


Thanks for your feedback @Gunner. That is not a bug with the Camera resolution. The mininum window size is specified to include the camera image and settings. If the window is configured to be smaller than the mininum size, it is enlarged.

To control the ARC from another computer, press the ? (question mark) button on the Connection Control. The Question mark icon will load HELP for that specific control. Most controls contain a video with explanations on how to use it. One of the videos for the connection control will help you.'

Although ARC provides a number of remote connectivity options, it is not a priority because there are hundreds of remoting alternatives. Perhaps using or something similar is what you require.


@DJ, Ahhh my bad, I had watched that video way back when but lost focus when I saw that it was referring to scripting use... I missed the rest of the detail blush and moved on to HTTP Server. I just tried connecting via IP with the scripting check off and that is exactly like I was conceptualizing in my comment above... but I was way off base in following tutorials :P... oh well, live and learn.

I already extensively use many remote control software packages however it seemed that your HTTP Server gave a better video feed... but in reality I think I need to go with a IP based video solution and, with more testing, your Client Server combined with remote control software for tweaking the robot PC.

Too bad about the video window size bit... I feared that was the issue. Net-books do not have much workable resolution so I held out a little hope that there was another workaround. But now that I have concluded what will and won't work for a remote solution, it is a bit mute.

Thank you for your time and efforts in my learning curve, you have been very patient and helpful:)


There's a version in the Sandbox for testing of ARC that has camera streaming between remote connections also. It also has HTTP Server camera. And JPEG streaming to read and write. And I think some other stuff but not sure what the details are just yet...

This screenshot shows one camera connected to a physical device, the HTTP server enabled, an iPhone with remote control, and another camera control reading the JPEG stream from the HTTP server. So technically, when these features pass testing you will be able to connect one ARC copy to another ARC and have full control (including camera)

I just don't know when it will be released yet...

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