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Http Server

Hi All,
I'm having a problem with the HTTP server control. When I click on start I get the error "The specified TCP port for this web service is in use by another application" I found that it was due to SKYPE running on my laptop. I'm assuming that it is the port 80 that is the conflict. Does anyone use a different port and how do you use that in the web browser address bar?

Also this is more of a question for DJ (awesome work BTW) you are hinting towards more TCP development, are you still recommending the WiFi module TLG10UA03 for your future enhancements? I am planning on getting one of these as I want to have full access to the robot throughout the house. If you are looking at something else let me know so I can hold off on buying this one.



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We will have a wifi module in the next few weeks as part of EZ-Bits. I'd hold off on the TLG:)

You can select a different port for the HTTP, ie 81 for example. You will use this syntax:

Substitute with your ip address
Thanks for the update DJ, I will hold off on the TLG. I'm officially addicted to this thing playing with the cam tracking. Maybe I should call it a nite:)
I will be keeping an eye on the releases to see when the new module is ready so you can ship it up to Edmonton asap:)