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How To Modify The Wall-E Robot Wheels


I like the video of "real wall-e" very much, and very interested in make one.
I'v bought the u-command wall-e (it's pretty expensive). And have taken apart it.
I found the the wall-e only have one DC Motor connected with its left wheel, and right wheel is driven by left wheel through a special group of gears, which make right wheel always turns forward, no matter left wheel turns forward or backward. By this design, wall-e can only go forward and turn left, cannot not turn right or go backwards.
So I need to use another motor to control the right wheel solely. That means I have to modify the gears of right wheel. But all gears are sealed in one small plastic box and cannot be open.
Anyone have suggestions ?

Best Regards,
Jackie Ju


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I noticed the same thing when I opened mine up. I went, "now I see why DJ didn't just use an H-Bridge here. There's only one motor!"
Im not an expert here because I havent personally done it. Have you considered doing it as DJ has and just use modified servos? Another option (and again I havent done this yet) is to use a Tamiya dual motor drive and and an H-Bridge. There may be an issue with the shaft length though. Here are DJ's suggestions from this website (Example1 and Example2)
Hi there Jackie,

I''m busy with the u-command also ( bought it very cheap via ebay).
Your right about the one motor.
I pulled everything out and put 2 modified servo's in it.
hope you can see it pictures made with an old camera.

User-inserted image

and her under

User-inserted image
hey Pabi

any more pics of yur wall-e?
Jup you can find more pictures over