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How To Extract VR Goggle Data That Is Used To Move JD Humanoid Head?

Currently, I'm able to use an HTC Vive VR goggle to control and move JD humanoid's head. The tutorial was really helpful and it is super easy. However, I need to see the data from HTC vice goggle, which is used by ARC to control and move JD humanoid's head.
Is this possible to do by using a piece of Javascript code?

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Sorry - what do you mean? What data are you looking for? I'm having difficulty understanding the question. If you can provide information of what you wish to achieve, that might be easier than answering a question about "data". There is no JavaScript code for the VR robot skill.
Oh sorry... by 'data' I meant coordinates or some kind of motion detection information, based on which ARC software determines to move the horizontal and vertical servos at some particular angles to mimic the human head's position.
That’s calculated in the app and converted into servo positions. The servo positions are transmitted. We have a new version of the app in development that will be released in July, per user feedback 

if you wish to use the servo positions to perform your own calculations and manipulation, assign the servos to Vx (virtual servos). That way you can use those positions to move which ever you wish