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How Would You Spend $1000?

So, hopefully someone on the boards will have some fun with this. I have $1000 for starting a robot project. Assuming I buy the Ez-robot board for around $140, what would you spend the rest on?


  • not a small robot, but not life size.. Maybe 3-4 foot.
  • durable enough for inside & outside usage
  • don't care if wheels or tracks
  • should be able to carry some weight. Expect to add an arm or something, so it can't be a five pound limit
  • either a ready built platform can be purchased, or I can build the platform if weight specs can be provided. In other words, if you want to spend 200 bucks on a ready made chassis, cool. If you would rather the chassis be hand built, you could use the 200 bucks for something else.
  • otherwise, sky is the limit within the allowable total cost. Sensors, a second computer, batteries, etc.

Questions, let me know. I probably forgot something, but am hoping someone might have fun putting together an integrated set of parts. If it is a bad idea and presumptuous that you would design a system for someone else, my apologies.



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I'm using a Buster toy and making it taller. EZ_kit $250. w/FR Ebay Buster $39.75 ESCs for drive $24. 5000mah LIPO $30 hi-torque servos for arms 4qty $37 small servos 8qty $27 Servo extension leads 10qty $4.75 misc plastic and hardware $20

Still have a few things to get like paint, LEDs, Wireless speaker, ect. But way less then $1000 JW:)

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Haha yea I have a 1000* in mine , let's see here.... 200 for Omnibot 2000 , 190 Asus deluxe motherboard with WiFi , 90 for AMD 25 watt 2.2ghz CPU , 40 lead acid batteries , 235 for ezb kit , 200 nvidia gt550 , thermaltake PSU 30 , 60 ups brain that charges and powers robot , fan controller with temp control computer 40 , rover 5 track kit 50 , blueray drive 60, Asus WiFi antennas, second motorized arm 40 , crystal red paint job I already paid for once fab is finished 200. That's $1475 and that doesn't include the ir sensors , light sensors .... 1000 realistically isn't enough for a person sized robot...


Im just waiting to here that jstarne1 has installed morph technology, a rail gun and a flux capacitor! LOL Seriously though, I love what youve done on it and will try a few of your ideas. :D


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If this is your first "furniture sized robot" bigger than a shoebox I seriously recommend getting a toy like for example this omnibot 2000 , its 26 inches tall and you can easily extend the torso to make this guy taller , one guy added about 14" with pieces of 2x4 and 1/4" plywood so then it was like 40 inches or so tall. Once you gut the stock computer out of one of these guys you have lots of room for 2 to 3 batteries , a computer , ezb and other stuff:)

I'm.happy to put.together.a parts list of takes to get a bot running around and do so on the cheap side if you like , I don't mind at all , all I ask is give me credit / props for design and putting it all together , I could make it damn near comprehensive instructions , diagrams , 3d design , pictures ect. Here is an example concept.of a vacuuming Omnibot I did today.... This robot is a 300 dollar bot..

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Or this last pic is power wiring for my.omnibot 2000

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Nice pictures.

From your schematics...

Looks like the Ez-b and the inboard computer aren't linked together. Since the ez-b is hooked up to the motor controller and motors you are using it for movement. What are you using the computer for, besides a wifi signal and the USB camera. Are you programming code in both boards ( independently)? ls the gt550 is a video board? Are you running live video of sorts?


The Omnibot 2000 is also my.personal computer , that has a Bluetooth connection to ezb. I have the choice of keeping the computer off and running the robot from my tablet for a extra long runtime (like at a show) or it can the autonomous with the use of the onboard computer. The gt550 nvidia is my high end video card for when I'm.gaming or watching blueray movies which is deactivated when robot is running on.battery.