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Resolved Resolved by Dunning-Kruger!

How To Time Sendserial Command

Ok... So I have a quick scripting question... I have two motor controllers in my project, and one is used up with the Movement Panel and the other I use send serial commands to control. Issue is how to write script to control duration of movement of the second ? I know for my movement controls I can script something like Forward(XXXX,XXX) and that will do it... However, I dont know how to script the sendserial command to the same since I cant use the same method as it is not linked to the movement panel..

The below will run the motor for 5 seconds then stop


sendSerial(D0,38400,127) #motor full speed
sleep(5000) #run motor for 5 seconds or for as long as you need
Sendserial(D0,38400,0) # stop the motor
Thx sir:)
I was thinking about using the sleep command, but i thought it would just stop the whole thing all together after a fast twitch of the motor *blush*