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How To See Instructional Videos ?My Country Prohibits Youtube And Facebook


My Country prohibits users' access to networking features including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.So I can not see any instructional video about EZ-robot.Can anyone give me some advice to download instructional videos package or see online instructional videos on other websites?



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Without getting into a political rant and I know this is off topic but this sucks! So sorry my friend. Your political leaders have brought your people a long way into the free market in the past decade. Doing so they have brought the people of China more comfort and material wealth then you ever have known. The concept of freedom has brought China up to the status of economical superpower. If only they would loosen more control over your people and allow free exchange of ideas through Youtube and other network features I think China would sore past the USA and become number one. I do understand that these places have a dark and scary side but that's the same with everything in life.

@Chao, I hope you are able to find a solution to watching the videos you need to learn about EZ Robot. There are a lot of talented people here that may have an answer for you. ;)


Thanks for your reply,Dave.

  1. I am grateful for your insights.But it still has a long way to go about institutional problems.

  2. I think all the instructional videos should upload ez-robot official site, rather than third-party video websites.Or users can download all from official sources.

Now I've already bought JD Humanoid Robot,but I can not see any instructional videos :( That's too bad.


Unfortunately, the videos are not available for download. EZ-Robotics would not be able to afford the bandwidth to host the videos on their own servers which is why they use hosting solutions like Youtube for them.

The only easy solutions are all also illegal in your country (using a VPN to bypass the government firewall and any agreements youtube might have made with China to block originations from your country by looking like you are coming from somewhere else, or using a screen share application like Teamviewer with someone in another country and having them display the videos for you).

Many of hte newer tutorials are mostly text based and will make sense even without the videos, and forum members are always happy to answer any questions you have.



Perhaps you might appeal to the people who sold you the robot. They may already have a website and access to space for videos. Make them aware of the situation and how it could help sales if they posted the videos. If not them, maybe some other seller of the products.

Are there any Chinese sites like Youtube but State certified? They might carry the videos if made aware of a potential watcher base for them.

Are there websites which already do offer hobby how-to videos in China? They also might carry the videos.

Are there Universities which have classes in robotics who might carry some of the videos as part of their offerings?

Is it possible for you to receive the videos as email attachments? Can you download files from Dropbox or something like it?

Might it be possible for you to set up a site with ad revenue potential for the videos? You might be able to host them as well as, other videos for other products. Might be very popular.

Just a few suggestions.


I spent some time in Beijing last year and came up against the same issues. In the end my work around was I had TeamViewer on my laptop and was able to access my computer in Los Angeles. I could then watch videos and check Facebook.

What videos are specific DJ? Maybe I could encode them and put them into my drop box


Hello everyone.

I really appreciate all of your love and help.

I have found the way to solve the problem.I found a very special and free web browser which can visit youtube without any setup in China.That's really a prefect tool!

Now when I log on the official website,can see the video!

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Thanks again.:)