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How To Run Ez Robot Os On Pi B+


I have a Raspberry pi b+. I want to run ez robot os on my pi b+. *eyeroll*


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No, ARC will not run on the Pi due to performance limitations. My recommendation for the Pi is to use it as a media center using http://kodi.tv/
United Kingdom
As DJ has pointed out, the Pi has performance limitations. I know a few of us are excited to see if the Pi version of Windows 10 will run ARC and how well it will run it but in the mean time it's best suited for one of the following (these are what I use mine for);

XBMC/Kodi media centre (OpenElec works best in my tests).
Small web server
Internet based DVR (SABNZBD+, CouchPotato, SickBeard, Headphones etc.) (automated downloading of TV/Movies/MP3) *Piracy is not encouraged, these should only be used within the limits of the current laws*
CCTV DVR (ZoneMinder)
MySQL Server
Lightweight Python/Linux Only apps (i.e. logging of my heating system is done via a Pi)
Internet Radio