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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

How To Run A Script At Set Intervals?

It seems like an easy thing to do but I cant quite seem to figure how to trigger a script at set intervals. For example if I want to run a re-calibration script every 30 minutes to home an encoder. I did this and put it in the personality generator but sometimes it will run the homing script a lot more then necessary.

Any advice is welcomed.

BTW, I ran into the sleep() issue over a year ago. As I recall I couldn't get a script to sleep more then one minute. I brought it up on this forum then. If this is still the case then perhaps your sleep loop scripts are the way to go.
Just a note to say that your script to run a script at set timed interval works perfectly. You said it was a ruff and crude script but I don't see how you could have improved it. It runs every half hour exactly based on when I started EZ Builder.

Now if I wanted to adjust the time frame what would I need to change?
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@Dave, which script, I posted a few.

The last one is just adjusting the first variable $sleeptime from 30 to however many minutes you want. The other scripts, find any reference to 30 and change it to however many minutes you want (up to an hour) I think, I'd have to check properly but should be leaving for work really!
It's the first one where it checks the system clock.

Dont worrie. I'll get it figured out based on what you just stated. Get to work and have a good day. It's time for me to get to bed. :D
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First one;


$waithour = $hour
$waitminute = $minute

# Change the 29 to however many minutes minus 1 minute
IF($waitminute > 29)

# Change the 30 to however many minutes
$waitminute = $waitminute - 30
IF($waithour = 24)
$waithour = 0
# Change the 30 to however many minutes
$waitminute = $waitminute + 30

WaitUntilTime($waithour, $waitminute)

# Your commands here

Rich, your help is very appreciated. You make the learning curve a lot less bumpy. :)