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How To Keep Connection &Amp; Get Smoother Movement


I hate to keep asking for help with these issues and hope I'm not too much of a pest :-) . I am new to robotics and only have experience with EV3.

Thanks to all of your help, I am now down to 3 remaining problems:

  1. When running through actions, JD disconnects often.
  2. Movement is sometimes very good, but then very jerky at others
  3. My battery charger always has both red & green lights on, even while not connected to the battery.

I made a short video showing all of the above: Video of disconnects and jerks

In the video, you will see JD attempt to do a pushup. This is a custom action I created, sometimes he is able to go down to do the pushups, then come back up with no problem.

At other times same as shown in the video, he can't even get down without jerking or skipping frames then disconnecting.

Any advice on how I can get better connectivity & smother movement will be much appreciated.



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Have you done the tutorials? Best thing to do is (and it's in the tutorials on how to do it) is to get your ezb into client mode... From your videos it appears you are still connecting in ap mode. There is a fix for this, but lets take it one step at a time...

Put your ezb (see the ezb connection videos) in client mode... this should help with the disconnects.... then we can go from there.

P.S. Dude, your not a pest.... other people can/will benefit from your post here...:)


.... and... the new ARC version (ARC Version 2014.10.18.00) I believe has a new JD example....


I can't see your video because I am in China at the moment, however - I would recommend (as Richard r stated) downloading the newest ARC and using the example.

Is your EZ-B v4 disconnecting or rebooting? The sound of booting is covered in the LEARN section. You can hear the sound of the EZ-B v4 startup, which is much different than the sound of the EZ-B v4 disconnect. If you can identify that the EZ-B v4 is rebooting by the reboot sound, your connection issue may also be due to lose power pins on the EZ-B. I have had that a few times. Let me whip up a tutorial for you to explain how to tighten them.

As for skipping frames, etc - are you connecting AP MODE or CLIENT MODE?

  1. AP Mode wifi performance can be affected by a busy wifi channel. Changing the wifi channel in the http server settings page will help you.

  2. Client Mode performance is usually caused by a slow/older or cheap router that lacks performance. My DLink router at my house is brand new but cheap with very poor performance. I am unable to get ez-robots to work smoothly with my cheap DLink router. I have been meaning to change it out, but I generally connect AP Mode so it hasn't been too much of a nuisance.


The Care For JD contains the Power Pin Adjustment procedure if your EZ-B v4 is rebooting: Care For JD


Thanks for the help @richard and @dj sures . I changed the connection to CLIENT MODE and now I have very strong / continuous communication with the robot. No more skipping frames or disconnections.

@dj thanks for the suggestion about tightening the pins, I'm looking over the tutorial.

This has been a very pleasant experience since receiving my JD. The forum community and EZ-Robot support staff has been excellent.

You all have made Revolution a fantastic product for beginner robotics.

:) ;)


Wow that's really nice feedback. Thank you very much:) because this is a new product, we are constantly updating tutorials and software in response to user feedback.