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How To Get More Analog Ports From Ezb

here is a simple design to have more analog ports for EZB without using a second EZB
pretty simple design and works perfect
use a cd4051 or cd4052 multiplexer chip anone analog port and 3 or less digital ports
can hook up as much as 8 analog devices,4052 does 4 analog devices
circuit is super simple to make only chip and EZB

SAME can be done with digital ,only need a digital multiplexer chip


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@Robotmaker interested in your circuit & how you read the values in EZ-b
any diagram or sample program would be appreciated
Thank You
like i said circuit is very simple ,you need the data sheet on cd4051 and hook up analog pin to analog port on EZB and digital control pins to the digital pins on EZB AND 5V to the chip supply pin
havent dont any scripts on it yet,all you are doing it selecting witch input analog port you want to read on EZB using the truth table on cd4051

if you need to know the pin # i can tell you it,no other parts are needed, can add on the chip a .1 mfd for noise,like when you use any type of digital or analog chip its vcc to vdd where the capacitor goes on close to the the chip as you can
Well since your looking at adding more without using another ez-b I thought I would through this out there. Add up to 12 more servo ports via the I2C port, since I know most probably don't even look at using I2C. Technically you can add even more by changing the I2C address on additional chips.

Hobbytronics 12 channel I2C servo Controller
yes i look at that board it a very good board ,i used it on another robot design
there are many servo controller boards with I2C port
like this one with 20 ports

20 servo controller board with I2C

none really for analog, there is I2C A-D but only one port and there is a chip for digital ports using I2C i have that chip ,forgot the number but will find the chip i think PC8754
yea they didn't list the p/n on their site so I just go by their title. I am currently waiting on two of the chips. I am using one with my arduIMU V3 to controll my quad I am still:( working on. I kinda decided to go a smaller route for the controll unit than the ez-b, however this hasn't stopped me from loving the EZ-b :). The pro unit just makes the chip compared to the normal 12channel
I was looking for an option for extra digital port so i can use as digital on/off switch in ARC, is there anything like that that use sendserial command?

Can you connect many different device to I2C port in parallel since there is only one port?
yes I2C is capable of multiple devices , 2^7. However this requires each device to have a different I2C address.
yes i think up to 12 or more I2C devices and each device takes a different address
thats what great about using I2C devices