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How To Edit Sounds Files For Use In Ez-Robot

Have you ever wanted to take a sound files and edit it so your robot can play it back? A nifty and free piece of software called Audacity makes it possible to do just that. You can edit sound files as well as entire songs.

First you'll need to download Audacity from:

I've been using this software a lot to create sound files for my RedBender robot. Because the robot is my take on Bender from Futurama I was able to find a lot of sound files on fan sites and on audio from YouTube videos. The problem is they were not cut down to specific words or phrases that I wanted to use. Audacity lets you cut and edit sounds files to make new ones.

Here is a little video tutorial to show you how easy it is to use:

If you happen to also be looking to take audio from YouTube videos, there are lots of sites that let you grab the audio or even the entire video from YouTube, but the one I use is: http://www.listentoyoutube.com/

Happy Roboting,
-Justin R.


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United Kingdom
Don't you need the Lame plugin too in order to save as MP3? Or is that now bundled with Audacity?

I've been using Audacity for years for audio editing. For simple snipping of audio it's great however some of the advanced effects can take some playing around with. Some of the effects available would be great for those authentic old school robot voices too.
Justin, that's a great free sound editor. That should help lots of folks build and change existing sound files to use with the EZB and their robots.
I used to use audacity for editing ringtones for my phone back in the day (2 years ago:P ) It's pretty neat and really easy to use!
@Rich it does still require a 3rd party driver/plugin for .mp3 output. I agree that part is lame.
United Kingdom
Haha, i meant the plug in is called lame not that it is lame.
Thanks @JustinRatliff, I've also used this product and am very happy with it. This is a must have software if your using sound files with your robot. It gives you so much more flexibility and is fun too. SoundForge is another software that does a very good job but is expensive to buy. Pirates have been know to plunder this software if they aren't afraid to walk the plank. I be no pirate though mattie, Arrrrrgh! ;)