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How To Create A New Move

This is about how to create a new move for yourself and for your apps:

You have to combine different moves together. This is how I made my new moves. (You will find out about it if you download the apps I made). Search up my username "HackT" in the "AppStore" which is located in "Community". Here's how you can make your move:

You go to the "Auto Position" app, where all the moves are. Then you press settings, then you press "Actions", which is at the top. Then, you will see a button at the bottom left corner which says "New Action". Then, you name your action. Then, you have to select the frames that would fit your new move best. (Don't forget to add the "Sleep" action between your other actions, or else the robot will be doing the same action over and over again and not doing the other actions). Your new move will appear in the "Auto Position" app. It will appear among the other actions. Once you've created you new move, you can put it into your app as well when you make it.

That is how you create a new move. It definitely works for Six, I'm not sure about JD or Roli, but I'm pretty sure it's the same everywhere.

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Nice writeup :)

You're absolutely correct that the same procedure applies to all ezrobots. Each of the controls in the project are actually reusable controls for different robots.

One of the features you may find interesting is the ? (Question mark) button on each control. When you press it, it brings up the manual for the control. If you scroll down on the manual, there are usually additional tutorials made by users like yourself.

Here's a link to the Auto Position control manual page with some videos that may assist as well:


Thanks Mr. Sures, it is an honor to talk to the CEO of the EZ-Robot community. ;)