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How To Control Dinamixel Servo Type Rx-64 With ARC

I have a servo dynamixel type Rx-64 with 4 wire (vcc, Grn, D-, D+) I am confused to programming using ARC , do the servo that type can be used in ez-board ? User-inserted image


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I don't have much experience in using Dynamixels, but below is a link to a thread that talks about Dynamixel servos, and reading through all of the posts may help you...


The Dynamixel Rx-64 has an RS485 interface. So it will not connect directly to the EZ-B. Dynamixel Servos which have a 3 Pin TTL interface can be connected to the EZ-B. Some of the Dynamixel Servos are available in both interfaces and some only have either TTL or RS485. The RX-64 is only available in the RS485 version.


@Steve G @RobertL184 Oh i see, oke, Thank you for Your Information :)

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No problem. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.