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How To Connect To 2 Ezb Robot To One Computer Through Wireless Internet?

My teacher has given me a Mac desktop which has a Windows OS. He asked me to connect to 2 robots: Six & Roli to the Mac desktop via Wireless Internet. Then I have tried downloading a virtual router from . It hasn't helped because it didn't detect any of the robots' WiFi. What should I do now? Its URGENT because I have to showcase the robots in my institution's Open House, which is next month.


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You need a router to connect the computer and the two ez-b's in client mode. I have never tried a virtual router so have no idea if one would work for this.

I don't know what the availability in India is, but I got this router "TP-LINK TL-WR702N Wireless N Nano Router" for less that $20 US from Amazon for using when I travel with my Robots and it works great.

If you post a link to the virtual router you downloaded, I would be willing to experiment with it a bit and see if it is usable and you are having a, configuration problem vs it just not working.


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I thought you could connect EZ-B(1) to EZ-B(0)'s wifi? I may be wrong but I'm sure I read a while back (before they were finished mind you so spec may have changed) that you could chain the EZ-Bs


Hi Rich, is it possible like that also? I'll try myself & get back to ya.


Oh, you could be right. Depends on the DHCP settings of the AP mode, whether hit will hand out multiple IPs. Need to give that a try.


  1. put your laptop in adhoc mode

  2. configure each EZB to connect to your laptop's network



put your laptop in adhoc mode

I have virtually never used adhoc mode. Doesn't that require each device to have a static IP? Who is the DHCP server in an adhoc network?

(something else to try after work tonight...)



Adhoc mode gives your computer the responsibility of handing out IP Addresses.

For example, when we travel and stay at hotels that do not charge for Ethernet Internet and we share a room - I put my laptop in Adhoc mode so our phones and who ever i'm sharing the room with can also use the Ethernet internet.

This has been a feature of Windows since XP.


Cool deal... I knew you could do internet sharing, but never realized one of the computers would act as DHCP server. I do a lot of network stuff, but never had a need for adhoc networking before.

I'll need to play around with this.



You'll like it - specially for multiple EZ-B's on a single computer without a router involved. With some network adapters and Windows 8, you can actually connect to the internet AND receive adhoc connections.

It's internet sharing on steroids:)


Hi DJ Sures, That really sounds great. I do not need to download anything like a virtual router. So by making my laptop ad-hoc, it becomes a router? Well I gonna try that before putting my 2 robots.

Thank you very much.


DJ Sures, I have just configured a new ad-hoc network on my laptop. Right now, it says 'Waiting for users". Now I want to know how do I make the 2 robots connect to this laptop.


Easy way is if you have another computer. Doesn't need to be Windiws, just have WiFi and a web browser.

With that, turn on ine EZ-B and connect to its WiFi network. Point your web browser ti and you will get ti the EZ-B configuration page.

Follow the instructions in the connection tutorial for client mode, setting the ssid and passphrase to your adhoc network. Reboot the EZ-B and it will connect. . Repeat with the other EZ-B.



Hi Alan, where are the set of instructions? Can you send me the link?


I m unable to connect the 2 EZB together. I rather use another computer for that. Thanks for all of ur replies.


Try moving the two EZB's further apart. It's been reported that if two or more EZB's are closer them 6" to 12 " apart the WIFi signals will interfere with each other and prevent connection.