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How To Connect Radar Hc-Sr04 On Ez ?

Hi, i want to connect a distance radar HC-SR04 on my ez, but i don't know to do it. And I don't understand the tutorial of DJ. Is there anybody to help me please ?
I had understand to connect on the Trig, Echo and GND on D0, then Vcc on D1. Is it right ?
But on ARC you can use ADC0 for IR Port ! And how connect Vcc ( HC-SR04) on the ez ?

Thank you.

(Sorry english is not my language, but I'm trying to practice ...


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United Kingdom
You want (as I understand), where d0 will be Trigger port and d1 Echo port...

Vcc ---> d0 +5v
Trig ---> d0 Signal Port
Echo --> d1 Signal
Gnd ---> d0 ground

At least, that's how I wired it up and nothing went boom:)

Then you add an EzB control "Ultrasonic" and one of the three controls, depending on what you need.

Set d0 as your trigger port, d1 as your echo port, and it should work!

(I think!)

thank you BillDerwent
Don't forget to press the ? Button on the ultrasonic radar control for a step by step detail:)