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How To Connect Another Camera On The Ezb-V4

Any Genius can help? How to connect another camera on the EZb-V4? I use the new camera as attached photo : Specs. : Voltage : 3.7-5v Res. : AVI 1280*720

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You cannot use another camera on the EZ-B v4 itself like the one you are showing. You can only use the EZ-B-B v4 camera available from the store.

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To use another camera you have to have it connected to your computer either built in, USB, or wireless connected, then choose that camera in the "Camera Control" ARC software.


Steve, thanks for your info.

Actually, I have the kit set with camera, but it is not enough space for my human robotics eyes ball.

But I have see DJ tutorial before (attached photo), it tech how to connect the other camera to EZB. I'm not sure, it is possible for new version EZB-V4. Do you have another way to fix it?

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No I don't believe you can do it on the newer v4 controller without a lot of programming. The old v3 controller had a wireless camera where as the new one his a dedicated port for the wired HD camera as you know. I've never seen the tutorial you're on about and never seen them photos before so can't comment on that.

The only other way you can do it, is to buy a small wireless camera that could fit in the eye that will connect to your PC (if you can find one small enough. The only other way would be to fit the camera somewhere else in the head. Some people have put the camera in the nose or in the forehead then use neck servos to track. I can't really be more help than that.


That tutorial was just for providing power and on/off switch through the EZ-B. The camera itself is a cheap wireless camera, As Steve suggested, any camera that Windows can see will work, but only the EZ-B camera can send video through the EZ-B's WiFi connection.

Do you have a link to the camera you posted? It doesn't appear to have a video out connection. Maybe that circuit board is a WiFi or other wireless device?



Does that camera transmit over i2c or serial?

If it is serial, then you could replace the ez-b v4 camera with that one. It would require some programming, but it won't be too hard. The EZ-B v4 transmits the image with a header. The header which contains the identifier and the frame size in bytes.

If you require more information, let me know. However, before you get started you would need to know if the camera is Serial and if you can program the micro on it. Otherwise, you can add a micro in the middle (long as there's enough internal memory to store the image)


Thanks for all comments and suggestion!

Hi DJ,

EZB-V4 is very amazing product for my robotics head brain. Actually, I'm not a programmer. But I will try to learn more from your website.

The attached photo and video links are my hand-made robotics head. It is used the webcam which size is small enough to insert to the eyes ball (23mm dia.).

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User-inserted image

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Unfortunately, EZ-B v4 Developer Kit can't to use. Therefore, I try to use other webcam to instead of it. But I have question as below:

  1. Is it the eyes movement in EZB programme will be disable if use other webcam?
  2. Would you teach me that how to connect other webcam and match with your programme? (any suggestion for webcam and small size enough) if possible.

Thanks for your help! :)

Ricky Ma

  1. if the webcam can be connected to your computer or through the ez-b v4, any webcam can be used. Do you have the possibility to use a USB webcam that connects directly to the computer?

  2. not being a programmer may make it difficult to help you use that camera sensor with the ez-b v4. I do not believe it will be easy for me to help you connect a different camera sensor.

Remember, the terms WebCam and Camera Sensor are different. If your camera is USB and connects to the computer with drivers in Windows, that is a WebCam. If the camera connects to a micro controller and has wires and connects Serial/i2c/SPI, that is a Camera Sensor.

A Camera Sensor will require programming and will need to be connected to the ez-b v4. WebCam can connect to the computer with USB directly and work in ARC with no programming.

The EZ-B v4 Camera is designed for the EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller specifically and requires no programming.


Hi Dj,

Understood and thanks a lot for your information!



@ rickymahk2013

Will, (@fxrtst), the builder of Alan, uses a single ezb camera in the forehead of his Android head. With it he runs head tracking and also the eye tracking. He often used a ratio to between the head tracking and eye movement to keep realism. You may want to consider a ezb camera located in the head which will keep the programming simple.

I put the camera in one of the nose openings of my robot, and was able to use it to track both the head and eyes. I didn't spend a great deal of time to hide the camera, but with a little more effort than I took, you may be able to have it not be noticed at all.

Best of luck with your project,

Ron R