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How To Add Project Robots To Ez-Robots On Profile

i have been working on my omega project for about 2 1/2 months now and i have yet to figure out how to make a ez-robot project folder for pictures of my robot in progress. any ideas on how to add the pictures? @.@


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Are you talking about doing a project showcase on the forum? On the "Attech file" section of this forum page, press the "choose file" and select a photo from your picture library in your PC. Select the picture the press "Upload File".

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Nah I know how to do that but I was wondering when you visit some one's profile there is a tab that says Ez-robots and it shows a photo gallery of their personal robots

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Okay, I got you now. If you create a project showcase by starting a new conversational thread, and using the "Project Showcase" tag search, then that (and all showcases you create) will show up in your EZ-Robot profile. You can use as many tags as you like that's revive the to your project, but you have to use project showcase for it to show in your profile.:)


O okay awsome thanks man, your like the most helpful person on here lol every time I create a conversational thread, always the first one to call, thank you ^-^

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There's plenty of helpful dudes on here, trust me. Anyway, glad I could help.:)