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How To Add A.L.I.C.E. Chatbots For Personality To Ez Robots?

Hi everyone,

I haven't got my Roli robot yet from the kickstarter, however I am wondering if it is known already how to add an ALICE bot from Pandorabots to an EZ Robot?

I want to have a Nao equivalent chatbot on the EZ Robot interface

  • here is the link:-

I have a Pandorabot Named Wintermute which I wish to add

  • here is the link


I have also installed these Chatbots into Second Life objects and avatars acting like a Siri style interface for Second Life. I have also used these ALICE Chatbots on smartphone and tablet with a quick, easy app called "Callmom" from Pandorabots on Google Play - here is the link for a great DIY "AI" for tablet or smartphone


This link above installs an app on smartphone or tablet of a build your own "Siri" that can understand voice commands etc

I have used simple code to add these Pandorabot chatbot AI's to different devices and platforms that directly interface with the device or platform.

I am deeply interested in incorporating these ALICE chatbot AI's as described within the EZ Robots as well. This will enable an interactive AI Chatbot feature to these Robots creating personality and the ability to understand complex voice commands and answer questions etc.

The Nao Robots have a similiar function with ALICE Chatbots and so does Willow Garage - I believe with some pretty basic coding and a Pandorabot these AI Chatbot features can be enabled quickly and simply to EZ Robots. Creating the equivalent of a C3PO style Siri interface with EZ Robots that is really cool.

Dr Wallace at Pandorabots has released AIML 2.0 (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) this works on smartphones or tablets for a make your own ALICE App this is a link to the fully downloadable one

Make your own Siri style App for EZ Robot's

I am deeply interested in adding AI capability using these Pandorabots to the EZ Robots product range. There is already some open source code from Pandorabots that is in Java that just needs slight modification to add to Pandorabots via it's app to enable for AI features.:)

Is anyone interested in spearheading a foray into incorporating Chatbot AI into EZ Robots?


Upgrade to ARC Pro

With Synthiam ARC Pro, you're not just programming a robot; you're shaping the future of automation, one innovative idea at a time.

  1. Load ARC

  2. Select PROJECTS from top menu

  3. Press ADD CONTROL

  4. Navigate to AUDIO

  5. Press PANDORA BOT

You can press the ? (question mark) on the control for more help. Every control has a ? (question mark) which brings you to a manual page.


Wow thanks for the instructions -

My chat bot Wintermute is fully working on the ARC PC software, with voice recognition - you guy's are genius's. I have never seen such impressive stuff in robotics before this. Especially at normal consumer level prices for Robot's as advanced as this.

Thanks DJ


:) Really nice feedback! Thank you - i'm sure the team loves to hear that!

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@nemo.aristos, you are only scratching the surface too;) Delve deeper into ARC and prepare to be blown away:D


Yup it's pretty comprehensive. I am amazed at the level of skill in this Robotics company. Maybe the next Google or something of robotics it's that good.

I'd like to see a V.R. interface like Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard later on, so I can V.R. drone my droid if that's possible!:D


We have that, it's under Augmented reality section for vuzix glassed with built in accelerometer. Ocolulus rift is on its way... Their sdk is a little hoaky. We have to wait until oculus figures their own stuff out first. We have an oculus dk2.


The tutorials are really great. I suggest you use the Bing speech recognition with your Pandorabot. It works really well. You will find that under the audio plugins as well.


Thanks I've grabbed the 3 audio plugins including Bing. The main thing I will be using is the when I get a wi-fi dongle for full artificial intelligence :)