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How Many Motor Controllers Can You Connect To Ez-B?

How Many Motor Controllers Can You Connect To EZ-B? (The 2.5A ones you can buy in the EZ-Robot store)


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Each controller takes 4 ports there are 20 ports on the ez-b so 5.


How would i connect a higher amp 12v dc motor to the EZ-B?


The motor would get it's power from the motor controller. The motor controller gets 5V signal from the EZ-B and motor power from an alternate source. So just make sure the motor controller can handle that much power and hook it up to a 12V source.


If you can have more than one H-Bridge motor controller, how do you control them if only one Movement Panel Control is allowed?


I not sure cause i dont have ez-b yet but i think you can have more than one



This is true DJ has limited you to one Movement Panel per project. However the idea of the the motor controller on some basis is two pwm and two digital, control speed foward reverse and motor enable disable.


So you cant have pan tilt and robot move ment or is pan and tilt a different thing?


usually pan/tilt camera wise is used with two servos instead of regular DC motors.